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Marc Rubio 2016 - Make a Difference

Trump Failed the Commander-in-Chief Test. Badly.

Doyle McManus, LA Times
The main challenge for Donald Trump in his first debate with Hillary Clinton this week was always clear: He needed to pass the commander in chief test. And he failed. Voters saw two candidates on the stage Monday evening: one who had done her homework and thought seriously about questions of war and peace, and another who, to all appearances, had neither cracked a book nor listened carefully at a single foreign-policy briefing. …read more

Did Trump Deconstruct Clinton With Marginal Voters?

Michael Barone, DC Examiner
One way to look at Monday’s night presidential debate: Both candidates were speaking, time and again, to marginal voters. Specifically, to young Americans, and for a considerable time to young black Americans in particular, people who may or may not choose to vote, may choose to vote for a third- or fourth-party candidate or may (Democrats hope) turn out to vote in large numbers for Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s strategy of replicating the 2012 Obama 51 percent majority requires high turnout among groups that over history have had a low propensity to vote â?? blacks, Hispanics, …read more