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Marc Rubio 2016

Marc Rubio 2016

Make a Difference

Marc Rubio 2016 - Make a Difference

Ailes’ Funeral: Loyalists Celebrate ‘Act of Defiance’

Michael Wolff, Hollywood Reporter
At 59, Ailes had had his only child, son Zachary, now 17. A head taller than his father but with the same husky and confiding voice, he spoke as though television-ready with forceful resolve about not letting his own memory of his father be written by those who hated him, suggesting that his father had been done in by a kind of corporate shootout at the OK Corral. He quoted Wyatt Earp’s line from the 1993 movie Tombstone about the fight not being over: “I’m coming, and hell’s coming with me,” said Zachary Ailes about …read more